Interesting Fusions of Tech and Fashion

When we discuss wearable technology, what generally comes to mind think of things such as smartwatches, automatic eyeglasses and wellness trackers. But there is far more happening – particularly in area of combining technology and style. We are not talking about the latest trendy fluffy heels and chic silver sandals, we are talking about device charging clothes and a literal cocktail making dress.

Designers and entrepreneurs are discovering new and sometimes bizarre tactics to create the clothing we wear smart and more tech savvy without compromising on design. Some could be truly helpful. Others, well, look like novelty.

Here, we have gathered three odd examples of goods at the convergence of style and technology:

  1. Charge your device using your clothes:What happens once you are outside at an event or travel for your company and your smart phone or tablet computer battery dies? You need to get an outlet to control it or otherwise deal with being not able to use your device.

    That is where Netherlands-based style designer Pauline Van Dongen comes in. She’s teamed up with scientists and other specialists to come up with clothes – a prototype apparel and jacket which have flexible solar panels built in to them. The jacket has almost 50 rigid solar cells whereas the dress has over 70 flexible solar cells.

    If worn in Sunlight for one hour, each apparel item can save enough energy to control a recharge a smartphone by about 50 per cent, van Dongen states. The solar cells could be on show while the wearer is out in sunlight, or they may be folded away and worn invisibly. It is not quite as strange as you think. The items look relatively normal and you an wow passers-by as you fold out the solar panels and plug your phone into yourself.

  2. A hoodie for those who can’t get enough of social media 

    If you are constantly checking your FB feed, you will want to check this out.

    Ping is a theory design from Seattle’s Electricfoxy, a wearables manufacturing company. Developed many years back, Ping is a sleeveless hoodie that wirelessly links to a Facebook account. Essentially, a wearer may use the garment to link into the social network by means of a collection of “natural gestures” rather than a normal program.As an Example, a detector is incorporated into the hood which allows wearers to send and receive messages by lifting the hood up or down. Wearers can “personalize their messages, assign them to groups of friends as well as handle several distinct kinds of messages based on wherever you’re, who you are pinging, or exactly what your mood is.” If a buddy sends a message, then the wearer will feel that a haptic tap on her or his shoulder.

    And what is up with this zig-zagging layout on the left and right Right panels? It is really Ping’s circuitry. Rather than discreetly incorporating technology into the garment, Ping shows off the technology and incorporates the technology as an aesthetic element that exudes fashion. Sounds intriguing, but I am not Certain how that could work in real-world software.

    The Identical thought around natural expressions is behind Zip, yet another Electricfoxy clothing layout which connects wirelessly to the wearer telephone or audio player and permits the individual to control the quantity simply by transferring the zipper down or up.

  3. This dress can pour you a drink. 

    I bet you never anticipated that a waitress or bartender to put on a dress that dispenses your drink. The DareDroid is a biomechanic cocktail-making dress. Yes, you read that right. However, to obtain the beverage first you should play a match together with the wearer.Sensors around the throat area sense your presence which then prompts the technical system to release non-alcoholic liquid. Your desire to play a truth or dare type game along with your regular persona activates the release of more than just juice and soft drink.

    Created several years back, that the DareDroid comes courtesy of Dutch-based fashion-tech designer and innovator Anouk Wipprecht. It looks a little ridiculous and robotic but hey, who wouldn’t want a cocktail making dress to take out with them? More lately, Wipprecht made a line of dresses known as “Intimacy” which is constructed from opaque, clever e-foils that eventually become transparent once the wearer becomes near another individual.

    Where will tech take fashion in the future? Possibly electricity generating colour changing fashionable wrap heels and hovering contemporary mens boat shoes?

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