An Evaluation of Acer Predator AG3-605-UR1

Many people consider home computers as ready-to-use desktops that benefit homework and surfing the web. However, they can do a lot more. You can stream media, download HD films and programs, modify video and audio, and even play computer games. Regrettably, many computers provide restricted functionality with these jobs. That’s what makes the Acer Predator such an outstanding desktop PC.

The Predator provides much better efficiency than many other computers, it can easily deal with the rigors of an it consulting company for example. This inexpensive gaming computer system has a top-end processor and a dedicated graphics card. It has less USB ports than some computer systems, and Acer does not have as many support alternatives as other computers. However, this computer system comes with outstanding parts and outstanding speed.


The base model Predator is still a much better video gaming computer system than many other computer systems. It uses a top-tier Intel i5-4590 processor, ranked among the best CPUs by Tom’s Hardware. This processor likewise makes excellent scores from Passmark’s benchmarking tests. On its own, the CPU is strong enough to run any task that you toss at it, but the Predator also gives you a strong mid-grade graphics card to help with the graphical processing. This allows you to play video games on high settings and run other graphics-intensive programs without putting pressure on the CPU.

Like the majority of the computers we reviewed, the Predator is also all set for upgrades. If you begin to discover significant slowing or your computer system cannot handle computer games you desire, it’s easy to open the casing and set up brand-new parts by yourself. Even if you pay an expert to install brand-new components, you’re still saving over buying a new desktop.

Memory & Storage

At this point, the standard setup for a computer is a SATA hard drive and 8GB of RAM. The Acer Predator does not roam from this formula with its high-speed 1TB hard drive. You can set up a secondary SATA or SSD in one of the offered storage bays. In addition to the set up 8GB of RAM, you can install up to 32GB in the 4 memory slots. The included memory is fantastic if you’re processing or compressing media, but generally, you don’t need more than 8GB to run a 64-bit operating system. Lastly, the computer includes a DVD player.


The Acer Predator has an interesting visual– it’s mostly black with orange highlights around the edges. On top of its appealing style, it is very simple to open and personalize. There are lots of bays readily available for new hard disk drives, RAM and hardware cards. It features a SD card slot, a HDMI port, a VGA display port and just five USB ports: three USB 3.0 ports and 2 USB 2.0 ports. This is frustrating for a video gaming PC since a lot of peripherals require USB ports.


Acer offers a 1-year service warranty with all brand-new desktop PCs, and if you desire a longer assistance duration, you can buy a two-year service warranty. This is not as long as lots of other companies offer for their extended warranties, though. There are a number of customer support alternatives readily available to customers, including cloud computing services. Telephone support lasts as long as you have your guarantee. You can also call support representatives by live chat. We could not discover an email address for assistance concerns. Acer’s assistance pages likewise provide user online forums and driver downloads.


The Acer Predator is a leading personal computer with far more emphasis on performance than any other computer system on our lineup. With its terrific parts, you can utilize it for video gaming and other resource-intensive jobs. It just has 5 USB ports, so you may lack ports when plugging in your peripherals. Still, the Predator is among the best house PCs we evaluated.


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