3 Things To Consider When Purchasing New Computers

working-in-the-computer-1243509-1279x850When asked which laptop will meet someone’s needs, the key thing I tell them is that there is no decisive winner. There so many differing device types, and various price ranges to consider that it really does depend on who’s asking. However, what I do provide is a guide of aspects you should evaluate before spending lavishly on a brand-new computer with all the  extras like an IT help desk.

  1. CPU:

Intel’s Core-based CPU’s are probably the best option when considering buying a laptop. In regards to multi-tasking and multimedia tasks the Core i3, i5 and i7 all perform better than their competitors.

Laptops with Core i3 processors are normally found in more simple systems that are aimed towards entry-level users who will only need the basics, while the large majority of laptops and computers sold through retail run Core i5.

If you’re looking to push your laptop to achieve maximum performance, then you can’t go past the Core i7. However, while it is the fastest CPU in the range, there are certain functionality issues as heat radiating from the bottom of the laptop makes it uncomfortable for long periods of actually using the laptop on your lap

  1. RAM:

The minimum amount of RAM required to ensure your system is performing at its best is 4gb. Essentially the greater the amount of RAM, the greater the number of applications you will be able to run simultaneously. Additionally, more RAM means the system can access more data at any point in time; which is highly useful if you plan to do quite a bit of image editing.

  1. Bluetooth and Networking Wirelessly:

People commonly forget to check this when buying a new laptop and this is unfortunate as most people depend on a reliable internet connection to effectively and productively use their laptop. As a bare minimum, you should be looking at laptops that have Wi-Fi adapters which are dual-band. Most routers have 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks. By having a dual-band adapter you can work faster as 5GHz is a better connection type. Furthermore, the dual-band will let you keep separate your laptop from other devices operating on the 2.4GHz network. Good wireless connectivity is also essential for work purposes like cloud backup services and many CMS, and CRM systems.

Bluetooth is often underappreciated as most buyers may only use it to connect wireless keyboards and mouses. Make sure to look for a laptop with Bluetooth 4.0 as this will allow you to set-up other things like a Hi-Fi system without cords. This is especially great as then you can play music from your laptop from sources like Spotify or online radios through the stereo system.


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